936 Forest Hill Road, Shepherdsville KY.

Our Story

I grew up on a large farming operation in eastern Kentucky and left the farm to join the Navy and see the world. In 1997 I was honorably discharged from the Navy and returned to Shepherdsville Kentucky where I found a public job and had a family. In 2000 we purchased our farm and began a small angus cow calf operation for about eight years. Due to some unforeseen circumstances we sold our herd was out of the cattle business for about four years. I decided to go back to my roots and start my herd back up with an eared cattle breed known as the Santa Gertrudis breed over the next few years our cattle herd grew and some of our friends and family began to ask us to sell them a side of beef here and there. Until last year when it became more of a choice either we are going to sell beef or raise calves. This is where it began we reached out to the Kentucky Beef Network and the University of Kentucky to help us design a facility to finish our beef, and a feed ration that we could produce or buy from a local farmer to feed our beef to produce the best beef we could sell to our customers. We are also members of Homegrown by Hero's and Kentucky Proud. This is Kentucky's local branding, and support for local farmers from the state agriculture commission, as well as supporting our veterans giving them a better opportunity to come home to something they love.  We spent much of 2017 building our finishing facility to be clean and healthy and allow us the best possible gains on our cattle. Happy cattle grow better, faster, and finish better. We also worked with Santa Gertrudis Breeders International to make sure we use the best possible genetics in our cattle herd to help us achieve this. We have finished 18 head of cattle since November of 2017 all but two have USDA grade of choice or better we pride ourselves in not using hormones, antibiotics and being all local grown and fed from our farm and having a premium beef for our customers. Our love for farming has given us the ability to provide product that is good, wholesome and fresh. All our cattle are grass fed, grain finished, and dry aged 15 days before cut and packaged to produce a better tasting quality beef. From our family to yours quality beef for our customers is our goal.

Store Hours
Monday: 3:30-7
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Our Company

Owned and operated by a veteran we are members of Home Grown For Hero's, as well as Kentucky Proud, and the Kentucky Cattleman's Association.



Our Goal

Our goal has been and always will be to provide the best quality beef we can at a good price. We want other families to be able to taste the difference.


We have a grass fed grain finished operation. All of our feed is made on the farm from locally acquired products. Not only are we a small town business we support our other local farmers buying from them.


When you eat our beef you can tell the difference! There are no hormones added, No Antibiotics used. We take pride in the fact that our beef is completely Local to Bullitt County.


 Side of Beef

Bigger Families call for more beef!

Sides of beef are 4.50 a pound on hang weight, this is finished and Packaged. You decide how its cut. Our sides average 425 to 450 pounds. All beef is dry aged for 15 days.