grass fed VS grass finished


I get asked the question is your beef grass fed the true answer is yes our cattle are grass fed they are not grass finished. The difference is we grass feed our cattle up to the last 120 days or so then we finish them on hay and corn. this gives the beef more flakes of fat in the meat and will allow it to grade better be more juicy and flavorful. grass finished beef is leaner and dose not have the amount of marbled fat in the meat. marketing of grass fed cattle has given folks a perception of there beef is only fed grass for its entire life this is not always true just as in our operation we feed grain as well as grass.  Grass finished beef is a beef that has only had grass its entire life no grain at all. Our beef is graded by a USDA meat inspector and we are very consistent in grading average to high choice and still working to push our beef to the grade of prime this takes the right genetics the correct feed ration and management of the cattle being finished. we always try to be better and produce the best product we can for our customers and our family.