Nearing a year


we had our first beef processed for the company 7 nov 2017 now almost a year gone by and of 28 beef we have had processed only 2 fall below USDA Choice Grade. lots of work and looking at the genetics for our cattle heard and how they are finishing for a better product for our customers. We have been searching for a new heard bull to bring in for next year to add some ribeye size and more marbling to our beef and this weekend we found what we were looking for thanks to the commitment to better genetics from the Strait ranch in Carrizo Springs TX. I have spent much time talking to Yancy Strait and John Ford this year trying to decide what we need in our cattle to get us to the next level and am glad to say i think we have a good plan going forward and cant wait to see what our new bull will do for our heard and our end product. thank you to all of our customers as if it were not for you we would not be doing this and we still are keeping to our commitment of producing the best local fed local grown beef that we can.